OWL--Client Survey

Survey that relates specifically to the OWL, yet also correlates where relevant with the Writing Center Survey.

* 1. I think the OWL tutor who evaluated my paper is competent.

* 2. I clearly understood the instructions for correctly submitting to the OWL and provided all of the materials necessary for a tutor to conduct a thorough review. 

* 3. I received my feedback from the OWL within the 48-72 hour time frame noted by the OWL.

* 4. I plan to use the OWL again in the future.

* 5. I learned to improve sentences in my written work (to find and correct grammar and punctuation errors in my writing).

* 6. I can cite researched sources in my writing using correct formatting and the documentation style for my academic subject area.

* 7. I can create a correct “bibliography” page for a researched essay.

* 8. I can structure and organize my writing assignments to meet my teachers’ expectations.

* 9. I can write a strong thesis statement and support it with evidence.

* 10. I feel confident that I can revise this paper and do better with papers I write in the future.