The 2030 Promise Plan will guide Hawai‘i’s public school system (HIDOE) from 2020 to 2030.  We have identified five promises to students to realize in every school by 2030:
  • HAWAI‘I: Students will be educated within a public school system that is grounded in HĀ, powers a multilingual society, and honors Hawai‘i’s local and global contribution.
  • EQUITY: Students will experience strong relationships and supports that mitigate disempowering differences to enable them to thrive academically, socially, and civically.
  • SCHOOL DESIGN: Students will be immersed in excellent learning environments that are thoughtfully designed around a community’s power to contribute to a thriving, sustainable Hawai‘i.
  • EMPOWERMENT: Students will develop their authentic voice as contributors to equity, excellence, and innovation, by providing input on what they learn, how they learn, and where they learn.
  • INNOVATION: Students will engage in rigorous, technology-rich, problem-solving learning that enables them to solve authentic community challenges and develop pathways to goals.
The plan’s shift in the system’s focus from goals to promises was at the heart of our community outreach during summer 2019 (Phase I).  This plan requires a shift in how we measure progress, which is the basis for:
  • Current HIDOE indicators — those found in our existing accountability systems that will carry forward in the 2030 Promise Plan;
  • Proposed additional indicators — those which are being tracked by the HIDOE and other agencies but are not presently part of HIDOE’s accountability reporting; and
  • Future indicators — acknowledging that this is a 10-year plan, the HIDOE will work toward research-backed methodologies to equitably measure performance innovations.
Indicators are aligned to the work of education pipeline partners and the Hawai‘i Green Growth initiative to leverage the strength of the public education system as an agent of change for the state of Hawai‘i.  All public school stakeholders are asked to review the proposed additional indicators and future indicators and comment by November 8, 2019.  Feedback will inform decisions and metrics in a final plan to be delivered to the Board of Education.  The 2030 Promise Plan Indicators document link: Link

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