Criteria for the Chapter Awards to Recognize and Reward Outstanding Members

Our Outstanding Membership Awards have been presented to our Outstanding Chapter members since 2001. The criteria for the Leadership Awards were developed in 2003 and refined by subsequent committees. For 20 years, these Awards have been presented to the individuals who have been nominated by the members and selected by the Award Committee.  In 2020, we added a new Award called the Emerging Leaders Award to recognize new planners for their valuable contributions to our chapter and in 2022 we added a new Award called the Peggy Nelson Service Award.
In an effort to increase awareness and participation in the Award process, as well as the presentations, we moved this event to our Winter Symposium beginning in 2015. This year, our Awards will be presented to the winners at our FPA NCA Winter Symposium in 2025. Date tbd.
Please contribute your nominations for our member awards. When nominating individuals for these awards, it is very helpful to tell us in detail why you feel the individual is the right person to receive the award.