A 15-Week Course: Thursdays, January 25 - May 2
6-7 PM via ZOOM (An optional Q&A session follows each class from 7-7:30 PM)

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* 1. Part One: Contact Information (complete one for each participant even if attending as a couple or a group)

Part Two: Course Certification

This course is paced to build upon each lesson. Each week a new task is given to "work your garden." During the process, there are only three requirements for certification (and will be elaborated upon within the classes): 

Three photos of your garden project must be submitted for certification by the specified lesson due date: 
1. A photo of your intended garden area (pre-planting)
2. A photo of your planted garden, upon sowing the seeds
3. A photo of your growing garden, just prior to your first harvest

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* 2. I agree to the certification requirements. I understand that I may simply "audit" the course if I do not wish to become a certified course participant. Please initial in the box.

Part Three: Course Prerequisite Reading
About: Mojave Water Agency (MWA) 

Mission Statement: 
Collaboratively manage groundwater basins sustainably, import water responsibly, and address risks proactively using sound science.

Objectives of MWA: 
• Manage groundwater basins sustainably.
• Identify and maintain access to imported water supplies in sufficient quantities that, when
combined with local supplies, meet Urban Water Management Planning Act requirements that
support local communities’ land use plans.
• Develop, manage, and maintain water portfolio and infrastructure to provide reliable water
• Achieve urban water use efficiency consistent with current locally established efficiency
• Cultivate an organizational culture that successfully recruits, retains, trains, and develops
effective team members and leaders to fulfill our mission.
• Employ robust technology, science, and data management systems to support effective
operations and decision-making to address the highest risks.
• Responsibly steward the availability of financial resources required to fulfill our mission.
• Create and maintain an active risk register and risk mitigation strategies.
• Cultivate effective and collaborative working relationships with partner agencies, other
responsible parties, and the public.

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* 3. I have read about the Mission and Objectives of Mojave Water Agency. Please initial in the box. 

About: Mojave Desert Resource Conservation District (MDRCD)

Mission Statement: 
The Mojave Desert Resource Conservation District is committed to the development of a
land stewardship ethic that promotes long-term sustainability of the region's rich and
diverse natural resource heritage.

Natural Resource Objective of the District
• Provide resource management information to the community.
• Promote the reduction of wind and water erosion.
• Promote the proper utilization of our natural resources.
• Promote water conservation.
• Provide information for improved irrigation water management.
• Demonstrate urban and agricultural practices that sustain and improve water quality
and fish and wildlife habitat.
• Work with the public and private sector toward land development practices that
protect and enhance the region's natural resources and systems.

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* 4. I have read about the Mission and Objective of the Mojave Desert Resource Conservation District. Please initial in the box.

ABOUT: Tony Walters 

Tony Walters is a former Public School Instructor, complete with a long list of credentials that
begin with a degree in Environmental Horticulture. He is currently employed as a Certified
Agricultural Irrigation Specialist, which includes certifications in water wells and hydraulics,
native plant expertise, soil science and more.

Tony currently works for the Mojave Desert Resource Conservation District as a Program
Manager, is a frequent guest lecturer for the Victor Valley Community College’s Environmental
Sciences Department on water conservation, consults for farms anywhere from 1/2 acre to
over 1,000 acres on soil assessments, water issues and crop development, and provides
public outreach education for the Mojave Water Agency on behalf of the Alliance for Water
Awareness and Conservation, and the National Resource Conservation District.

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Part Four: All About You 

Please provide the instructor some background about you: 

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Contact Information: 

Kathleen Radnich, Course Facilitator at: kjradnich@gmail.com