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2024 Sandbox Competition: Resilience in the Face of Climate Change

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As communities face the challenges and opportunities of climate change, engineers, planners, and analysts have an opportunity to enhance the resilience of the built environment for all users.

Decisions on how public spaces are adapted can impact a community’s ability to cope with and recover from climate hazards, such as floods, heat waves, and wildfires. The proposed sandbox activity includes applying a variety of strategic, programmatic, and tactical activities to improve the resilience of all users in a typical urban (or suburban) neighborhood.
Climate change poses a serious threat to the well-being and livelihoods of people living in urban (or suburban) areas, as they are exposed to various climate hazards that can damage their infrastructure, disrupt their services, and endanger their health and safety.

Current practices of engineering, planning, and analysis may not adequately address the needs and preferences of all users in the face of climate change and may result in maladaptation or increased vulnerability. There is a need for innovative and participatory approaches that can enhance the resilience of urban (or suburban) communities and empower all users to cope with and recover from climate shocks and stresses.

Each team is required to develop a community safety, operations and response plan driven by data analytics. The plans are expected to generally include:
  • Develop responses both for mitigation and prevention.
  • Develop a methodology to mitigate/prevent the top impacts from climate change.
  • Define a suite of improvements, services, and activities to meet specific goals and objectives.
  • Compile the above into a technical memorandum

Expressions of Interest are due December 15, 2023.

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