Conference Theme: One Association for the Success of Education

We invite you to submit speaking proposals for LearningSCAPES 2024.  Please submit your proposal by March 1, 2024.

LearningSCAPES 2024
October 15-19, 2024
Portland, Oregon
In the vast tapestry of modern education, a myriad of professionals play crucial roles. We are thrilled to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of education professionals who work tirelessly to create inspiring learning environments for students. From architects, planners, engineers, constructors, suppliers and school district personnel, each individual plays a crucial role in ensuring that schools are equipped with functional spaces that support effective teaching and learning. We recognize the importance of collaboration and teamwork in achieving this goal, and we thank all those who contribute to making our schools a better place for our children to learn and grow.

Our theme, "One Association for the Success of Education," celebrates the unity and collaboration of these diverse stakeholders. It underscores the belief that when we come together as one collective, with a shared vision and purpose, we can truly transform the educational landscape. This conference seeks to bridge gaps, foster dialogue, and catalyze innovations that place students at the center of every endeavor. Join us as we explore the synergies between design, construction, and education, and chart a future where every decision amplifies the potential of our students.