2024 Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Program

Become a member of our St. Luke's CSA and receive locally grown produce delivered right to a St. Luke's worksite!
To help our employees eat healthier, St. Luke’s offers a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program that delivers produce to members at 20 convenient St. Luke's locations.
Employees who join the St. Luke’s CSA receive weekly deliveries of farm fresh produce. The CSA supports the local farm community and helps sustain the environment with low mileage food and beneficial agricultural practices.
Healthy nutrition starts with making better decisions about the food we eat and where it is sourced. A healthier YOU starts right here at St. Luke’s!

What is a CSA share?
A CSA share is the portion of the farmer's produce you purchase. There are two different share sizes to choose from: a half or a full share.
What are the benefits of joining a CSA?
Receiving freshly harvested, nutrient-rich produce, the opportunity to try new vegetables, convenient pick-up locations, supporting local farmers, and credit for Caring Starts with You
What comes in a share?
Half shares contain 5-7 different types of seasonal produce
Full shares contain 8-10 different types of seasonal produce
Can I choose what is in my share?
No, this is a conventional CSA. Your share will contain produce that is ripe and ready to be picked that week. All half shares contain the same produce, and all full shares contain the same produce. If you are looking for a market style CSA, consider joining a CSA outside of St. Luke's.
What does the CSA cost?
Half share cost: $22 weekly/$440 season
Full share cost: $40 weekly/$800 season
What are my payment options?
Payroll deduction or personal check
Payment plans available upon request
Can I split payments of a share with a co-worker?
Yes! One member should complete the registration survey. Please email EmployeeWellness@sluhn.org with contact emails and payment information. Both members participating will receive Caring Starts With You credit.
Can I leave the CSA?
We strongly discourage this as the farmer expects to grow for you for all 20 weeks and is paid in advance to grow your produce.