Welcome to the 2024 Best Communities for Music Education!

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Welcome and thank you for participating in the 25th anniversary of the Best Communities for Music Education survey.  
Through this annual survey, the NAMM Foundation seeks to acknowledge and celebrate the commitment of schools and districts across the nation who act on their belief that music is an essential element of a well-rounded education available to all students.
Let’s get started.
  • You must be a school district in the United States with a K-12 music education program.
  • Only one application per district.  
  • You must complete the entire application.  Incomplete applications will not be included in our final review.
  • All surveys must be submitted by the January 31 deadline.
There are two awards available.  You may only apply for one award:
     1.  Best Communities for Music Education: this award is for school districts.
     2.  SupportMusic Merit Award: this award is for an individual school (charter, parochial, private) that serves students at various grade levels.  If you would like to apply for this award, please fill out the SMMA survey
Note: For-profit after school programs are not eligible for participation for either award.
Please address each survey question as honestly, thoughtfully, and completely as possible.
All responses to the survey are confidential. ​The survey, its content and any related communication are private and are reviewed by the research and project team at The NAMM Foundation. Questions may be directed to: info@nammfoundation.org.
The survey will be available until January 31, 2024.