If you were a practicing ombuds in 2023, we ask that you please participate in IOA’s Organizational Ombuds Practice Survey. The study's aim is to assemble a profile of the work of organizational ombuds worldwide, including their scope of services, organizational contexts, and accomplishments. This helps IOA advocate for the field and also helps to inform the establishment of new offices.

Your responses will NOT be linked to you or your office in any way; all data will be collected anonymously, and the survey system will not record any identifying information (such as name, location, or IP address). Published reports sharing information gleaned from this survey will not include any datapoints representing fewer than six participants. The fully-anonymous survey data will be protected and housed within IOA.

To encourage your participation, at the conclusion of the survey, you will be invited to move out of the survey platform to participate in an opportunity drawing for a Kindle, e-books, and some fun IOA products.

Should you have any questions about the survey, feel free to reach out to any member of the survey team. If you have issues accessing the survey, please reach out to Ellen Miller, Executive Director at

The survey team:
Tim Hedeen,
Mary Rowe,
Jennifer Schneider,
Hector Escalante,