Welcome to the seventh edition of the ConvergenceCoaching®, LLC Anytime, Anywhere Work™ (ATAWW) Survey!

We are committed to helping firms be an employer of choice by adopting and perfecting remote, hybrid, and flexible work programs and service delivery. Part of our commitment is studying the progression of a more "flexible" way of working in accounting and consulting firms, which was the genesis of this benchmarking survey when it began in 2014. The data from the survey will be summarized and used to identify trends that will be published in various publications and educational presentations.

Because this survey seeks to understand remote, hybrid, and flex practices in accounting firms, we are restricting responses to those working in accounting firms only.

**NEW THIS YEAR: The survey now includes two separate pathways.
  • For the Firm Leadership path, we ask questions about firm policies and practices and are seeking only one response per firm. Please coordinate between your Managing Partner, Operations Manager, HR professional, or other firm leaders to avoid duplicate submissions. The firm survey should take less than 30 minutes to complete. You will also have the opportunity to answer Team Member questions at the end.
  • For the Team Member path, we are interested in the impressions of talent regarding their firm's remote, hybrid, and flexible work programs. We welcome multiple team member responses and encourage firm leaders to share the survey widely within their organizations. This survey should take less than 10 minutes to complete.
You may complete the survey all at once or in increments. Your inputs will be saved up to the point where you selected "next" at the bottom of the page. You can edit your responses (from the same machine you started the survey on) until you submit the survey and are re-directed to the ConvergenceCoaching website. If you have any questions regarding the survey, please email info@convergencecoaching.com.

Thanks in advance for your participation!