This is the fourth time we are including a survey in the Conference Agenda Report to help set priorities for recovery literature, service material, and Issue Discussion Topics (IDTs). The results of this survey will help delegates select Issue Discussion Topics and prioritize IPs and service material to work on in the cycle ahead. For each conference, we compile results from members and from conference participants—seated regions and zones. Those results are distributed at the conference and included as an appendix in the minutes.

We are asking members to fill in the online survey posted at by 1 April 2023, and we will compile those responses for the conference to consider. We are also asking conference participants to collect the conscience of their service bodies by the same date. We will compile those results to distribute as well.  

Four of the items in this survey come from motions the WSC has already approved to create project plans, and those are shown in blue with an asterisk after the title. The date in parentheses after these items is the year the motion was passed. Most of the remaining ideas are carryovers from the previous three surveys. We have also included the applicable ideas contained in regional and zonal motions in the 2023 CAR as well as ideas we have heard since the last conference through conversations, emails and phone calls, workshops, and input to the planning process.

The survey keeps getting longer and longer, and it can be a bit overwhelming. To keep the size of the lists practical, we have tried to group similar ideas, and we eliminated some items from previous CAR surveys that had a very low selection rate. The responses to a more concise list will provide conference participants with a clearer direction to move forward.

After compiling all of those ideas, we distributed a draft of this survey to conference participants for input, and we have incorporated their ideas for changes where possible. Some participants suggested they would like to see an even more abbreviated list of choices, and perhaps in the future we will develop a process by which participants can collaboratively vet the CAR survey lists. In the meantime, we appreciate you taking the time to read through the options and help set priorities.

The pandemic changed all of NA. At World Services, the work we were able to do changed, and so did the priority of what was needed. Virtual Meeting Basics is an example of a priority established by the WSC in spite of the conference’s previous decision to prioritize FD Basics. We expect this survey will help all of us to understand what our members and service bodies would most like to see worked on. In keeping with our theme for the cycle, we are truly all Creating our Future. We hope that members will participate and encourage other members to do the same.

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