The People Saving People (PSP) Award is given to two categories: Public Safety and General Population.  The award will be presented to the person or organization who receives the highest accumulated score. This award is open to any individual or organization that advocates safety and has a positive effect on transportation safety.

General Criteria
  • Nominations must be for individuals or organizations; they cannot be combined. For example, if a person wants to nominate both an individual and the organization they work for, then two separate nominations must be submitted.
  • Nominees must be directed towards one of the categories listed. A nominee may have excelled in both categories; however, a separate application must be submitted for each category.
  • Each nomination should provide data or documentation demonstrating how a positive impact was achieved by the nominee’s work.
  • The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Region 7 Office will review nominations and determine awards, in cooperation with the LETSAC Board of Directors.
  • The Nominee’s efforts must have significantly contributed to the improvement of transportation safety.
  • Public health conditions permitting, the NHTSA Region 7 Office and the LETSAC Board Chair will make the award presentation to the selected recipient(s) at the Annual LETSAC Conference.
  • Nominations must be submitted electronically or hard copies postmarked no later than 5:00 pm Monday, March 1, 2023.
If you need to mail hard copies instead of completing the online application, please contact: Aaron Bartlett, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration by Phone: (816) 329-3906, Fax: (816) 329-3910;

Category Criteria:
Please choose one from the following two (2) categories:

Public Safety

This award category focuses on any group or individual working for a public safety organization that has gone above and beyond the normal job activities, which resulted in a positive public safety impact to reduce motor vehicle crashes and injuries. This category is specifically for any public safety organization or individual which include; law enforcement, fire, EMS, MoDOT, etc. that has a public safety effect.

General Population

This category focuses on any person or group that is not working for a Public Safety organization, which has had a positive traffic safety impact to reduce motor vehicle crashes and injuries in Missouri. This category is for anyone that has implemented a program, initiative or contributed to traffic safety activities at the state or local level.

Examples would be:

  • Innovative public awareness activities relating to highway safety issues
  • Extraordinary involvement in safety programs
  • Initiation of ideas/campaigns that target a local community
  • Being a driving force in the implementation of legislation/local ordinance