2023 Shadowing Program - Volunteer Physician Application

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Incoming Medical Students Shadowing Program (Shadowing Program). 

The Shadowing Program is a collaborative offering from the Alberta Medical Association's Section of Family Medicine, Section of Rural Medicine, and the Alberta College of Family Physicians (ACFP). The program provides new medical students from the Universities of Alberta and Calgary with the opportunity to experience the specialty of family medicine and all it has to offer!

Your responses to the following questions will aid us in the matching process.

Question Title

* 1. Please provide the contact information for you and your practice (i.e., where the shadowing placement will take place).

Note: information provided below will be shared with the student you are matched with.

Question Title

* 2. Which of the following best describes your workplace setting? Please select all that apply.
Your response will help us match you with a student with similar interest.

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* 3. Please indicate which day(s) you are available to mentor. Shadowing placements will take place between June 10 to 25 and August 12 to 27.

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* 4. If you already know your shift schedule for those days, please enter the times below:

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* 5. Are you interested in matching with more than one student?

Note: Matches are facilitated on a one-to-one basis. You will not be matched with more than one student at a time, unless specified in the comment box below.

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* 6. Would a student with a second language fluency benefit more from shadowing in your clinic?

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* 7. If you have any additional comments or questions, please let us know.

Thank you for volunteering for the ACFP's Shadowing Program.

For more information,  see the full ACFP Incoming Medical Student Shadowing Program Gudlines.

If your availability should change or you require further assistance, please email: shadowing@acfp.ca.