Welcome to the 2023 SaaS Benchmarks Survey!

Introduction and Overview
2023 marks our 7th (!) annual SaaS benchmarks survey. This year OpenView and Paddle are teaming up to dive into pricing models, churn, AI adoption, and financial performance. We look to leverage these findings to help you make better, more informed decisions in your day-to-day. 

We strongly encourage everyone, regardless of job title, to participate if you have access to your company’s SaaS metrics. By participating, you’ll gain access to understanding how you stack up against your peers and what it takes to be a standout SaaS business.

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The survey will take about 10-15 minutes, and we’ll release the results in October 2023. All data will be kept strictly confidential and reported on an aggregate level. Please contact Kyle Poyar (kyle@ov.vc) at OpenView with any questions.
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