Okanagan Humane Society Reg. #8888 17269 RR 0001
Mailing address: PO Box 29110 OKM Kelowna, BC V1W4A7

OHS is a Volunteer organization.  We work together with YOU as volunteers in the community to provide rescue support for animals. We do not run a shelter or have paid staff. 

Once rescued and safe, animals are immediately vet checked, spayed/neutered, vaccinated, de-wormed, and identified with a tattoo or microchip through an OHS partner veterinary clinic when they can accommodate us.

We are volunteer run and foster home based. If you can FOSTER, this helps OHS rescue more animals sooner and takes the place of a shelter so animals don't live in cages.  When you see or find a stray, feral or abandoned animal please help by: Providing food, water and shelter while waiting for assistance.
Please be patient while volunteers prioritize the most urgent cases!  A volunteer will contact you by email or phone usually within 24-48 hours - check email (and your junk mail ) daily.  Call 250 448-8554 x 1 with emergencies.

Kittens and scared/tame adults are spayed/neutered through our veterinary partners, then rehabilitated in foster until they are rehomed. Truly feral (unsocialized) cats and kittens are also spayed or neutered  and assessed for adoptability. Occasionally, feral adult cats are released back to the area they came from after recovery and assessment, when it is deemed safe for them to be cared for in their original location.

For more information about OHS or to make a tax receiptable donation towards your rescued animal(s), please visit our website: https://okanaganhumanesociety.com/donate/

Call your local BC SPCA SHELTER or their Call Center at 1-855-622-7722 or RCMP  911 for animal emergencies such as neglect, cruelty, violence, or evidence of kitten/puppy mills, and animal hoarding.
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