NYI Convention Delegates

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NYI Charter District Ministry Plan IV, Section 3 - District NYI Convention:
  • All local NYI delegates to the District NYI Convention must be members of the Church of the Nazarene that they represent.
  • The number of local NYI delegates for each church is determined by the membership figures on the most recent local Pastor’s Report prior to the District Assembly.
  • The local NYI delegation to the District NYI Convention for churches consists of:
    • The pastor and youth pastor or any full-time paid pastoral staff who participate in NYI ministry;
    • The newly-elected local NYI President;
    • Up to four elected delegates, with at least half being within the district-established NYI ministry focus; 
    • Local churches may add an additional delegate for each successive 30 local NYI members and/or final major part of those 30 members (i.e., 16-29 members).  At least half of any additional delegates must be also within the district-established NYI ministry focus. 
  • The pastor of any local church not having an organized NYI may appoint one delegate.

Number of NYI:
Members                 Delegates*
5-45                                   4
46-75                                 5
76-105                               6
106-135                            7
136-165                            8
166-195                            9
196-225                            10
226-255                            11

* Number of delegates from a local NYI does not include ex officio delegates (Local NYI President, pastor, youth pastor, District NYI Council members from a local church).