Welcome to the CCDC Registration website!  This page is for CCDC coaches and captains to register their team for the upcoming CCDC season. 

Teams must compete in the CCDC region in which their school is located
(see regional map at CCDC Regional Map). 

Schools wishing to compete in a different region due to travel distance to regional location (600 miles or 12 hours by road) must submit a formal variance request prior to registering. 

The minimum team size is 4
Please have the following information ready for each team member before beginning this registration process:
  • Resume (format: lastname_firstname_university.pdf)
  • Name/Email/Shirt Size
  • Class standing/Academic major
  • Food Allergies
  • Prior CCDC/Competition/CyberPatriot experience
After completing the registration and submitting, please direct any further team edits/updates to Michael.Baggett@utsa.edu