Chicago United surveyed CEOs of Chicago corporations. They were asked to identify the qualities and characteristics that they seek when filling positions for boards of directors.
The CEO responses were consistent. In addition to experience in business unit leadership, and human capital oversight, additional leadership characteristics include senior-level leaders with:
1.      A track record of balanced decision-making and an appreciation for multiple perspectives.
2.      A breadth of perspectives, a range of experiences that reflect flexibility and the ability to transcend narrow experiences and issues.
3.      A demonstrated ability to respect diverse points of view and varied ways to approach issues and topics.
All of the CEOs interviewed want candidates who have had a diversity of experiences and who have a track record of demonstrated successes in their professional endeavors. They also look for candidates with high intellectual capacity and who have respect for different perspectives.
1) Nominee is an individual of color (African American, Asian American/Pacific Islander, Hispanic, or Native American).
2) Nominee is a senior-level leader currently professionally active in the corporate/business arena and headquartered within the Chicagoland area.

Note: Elected officials holding office are ineligible.

3) Nominee is a senior level / executive level or C-Suite individual of color within their organization OR Nominee is an entrepreneur/owner who has completed at least three (3) years of profitable business operation.
4) It is recommended that the Nominee should have experience serving as a director on at least two (2) boards of directors for either corporate, civic, or nonprofit organizations. Individuals serving only on advisory committees are not eligible. A nominee with no previous board experience of any kind will not be considered.
5) Nominee must have demonstrated strong leadership skills within their organization (e.g., strategy development, business unit leadership, change leadership, etc.) as well as significant community/civic involvement (special or unique projects) and must have demonstrated leadership in support of the development of other minority talents (e.g., mentoring) within their organizations.
6) Nominee has had a broad range of experiences and has a proven track record of demonstrated success in a variety of senior-level roles. Nominee can effectively bring a broad perspective to narrow issues and topics and has demonstrated skill in leading successful teams. 
Be prepared to attach any supporting documents electronically to the online nomination form to supplement or clarify content. If you do not have any documents, reach out to your nominee to obtain the documents to upload when you submit your nomination. Acceptable documents include:  
Resume or CV
Recommendations (Note: If possible, please include a recommendation from someone to whom the nominee has reported and from someone who has reported to the nominee.)
Be prepared to include all of the required information in your online nomination.

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