2023 District Assembly Certificate of Election

Pastoral / Ministerial Staff Information

25% of survey complete.
The information in this form is required by the General and District Church to certify that the persons are officially members of the District Assembly according to the Manual and for the assembly registrar for preparing everything for the assembly to function effectively and efficiently. Please carefully fill in all the pertinent information carefully noting that Name Tags are created using the names exactly as they appear on this form. Name Tags are required for voting and preregistration is required. Only duly elected alternates can be seated at assembly when proper forms are submitted. An alternate can be submitted prior to assembly using the online alternate form.
Delegates to the 2023 Virginia Church of the Nazarene District Assembly.

This form is for those WHO WILL BE ACTUALLY ATTENDING District Assembly. Please read and fill out as accurately as possible.

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Please include any retired or unassigned Elder, Deacon, Deaconess or other ordained person serving a connectional interest. Include and Retired Elders or Deacons from your church who are eligible as delegates to Assembly. (List any Licensed Minister who are serving as Staff Pastors in this area as well.)