About the ORCID Board Election
ORCID is governed by a Board of Directors that is representative of its membership and wider community of stakeholders. The ORCID Board is responsible for ensuring the organization is acting in the best interests of ORCID's community by providing strategic guidance and oversight for the successful achievement of ORCID’s mission.

ORCID Board members are elected for three-year terms on a staggered schedule, so every year, we hold elections to appoint new Directors. All ORCID member organizations are eligible to nominate a representative to stand for election to the Board. In addition, two Researcher Director seats are reserved for practicing scholars, irrespective of their affiliation. This year, we are looking to fill up to four board seats, one of which may be a researcher seat.

ORCID Board Responsibilities
Supported by the Executive Director and a full-time professional staff, the ORCID Board is responsible for:
  • Developing and regularly updating ORCID’s strategic plan
  • Reviewing high-level organizational goals and policies to support that plan
  • Overseeing ORCID’s organizational and financial performance
  • Ensuring ORCID has financial resources to achieve its mission
  • Monitoring Board function
  • Appointing the Executive Director and reviewing their performance 
  • Serving as a community advocate for ORCID
If elected, new Board members will serve for a period of three years, starting 1 January 2023. Board Directors expected to attend all board meetings — currently there are four meetings a year, three virtual, and one in person — and to play an active role in ORCID activities during the course of their term.

To help achieve our goal of broad representation across sectors and regions, a Board Meeting Attendance Fund is available to reduce financial barriers to participation in Board meetings. Note that ORCID Board members serve as uncompensated volunteers, and Board meetings are conducted in English.

For more information about the role of ORCID Board members, please see the Board Charter. Our annual reports and other governance information are also available on our web site.
2023 Selection Criteria
Each year, our Board establishes criteria for the selection of new Board members in order to maintain the balance of skills necessary to govern the organization, and to ensure diverse representation from ORCID's stakeholder communities. This year, in seeking perspectives and skills complementary to those of continuing Board members, the Nominating Committee will give preference to member organization representative candidates who display one more of the following characteristics:
  • Work in commercial organizations especially in the Publishing, Vendor and Service Provider sectors 
  • Are based in the European Union or Asia-Pacific regions
  • Are skilled in the areas of finance and/or technology
How to apply
You may nominate yourself or a colleague (with their permission) by completing the form below. Nominations must be received by 18 July 2022.

All applications received will be reviewed by the ORCID Nominating Committee which is responsible for developing the Board election slate based on the nominations received, taking into account this year's selection criteria as indicated above, and maintaining a majority of representatives of non-profit organizations on the Board as required by ORCID's bylaws

If you are unable to complete this online form, please send your responses to nominations@orcid.org.

If you have specific questions about board service or the nominations process, you can email Nominating Committee Chair Yuko Harayama directly at nominations@orcid.org

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