Thank you for giving us a few minutes of your time to take this industry-wide, certified diver survey sponsored by the Diving Equipment and Marketing Association (DEMA). This survey is designed to help us better understand why you became a diver, how often you dive, to where you travel, and the training you have received. 
Optional: All divers who complete the survey AND provide residential address information will be eligible for a drawing to receive one of TEN, $100 gift cards. Winners can pick-up their card at a local participating dive center.  For those supplying this additional information, which is required for eligibility for the $100 gift card drawing, YOUR IDENTITY WILL NEVER BE REVEALED, AND YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION AND NAME WILL NEVER BE SOLD OR GIVEN AWAY. 
By participating in the survey, you agree to submit factual information and DEMA agrees to keep all contact information confidential. The contact information provided will be utilized to develop a greater understanding of demographics of active divers responding to this survey.
-Tom Ingram, President and CEO, DEMA-