2022 MDRT Annual Meeting
Boston, Massachusetts, USA 
June 26-29, 2022

2022 MDRT Global Conference
Sydney, Australia
August 28 – 31, 2022

How to Submit a ConneXion Zone Speaker Proposal

Step 1
    Read the ConneXion Zone Session Speaker Requirements and Expectations below.

Step 2   
Review the Participant Centered Learning (PCL) document by following this link: PCL Link

Step 3   
Complete and submit this proposal form.  

You may want to print the questionnaire to draft your responses, and return later to enter your responses using the online form as incomplete forms cannot be saved.

If you have questions or problems submitting the proposal online, contact:
                         Annual Meeting:      kspreitzer@mdrt.org
                         Global Conference:  nwebster@mdrt.org

Proposals will be reviewed and speakers will be selected by the 2022 ConneXion Zone Committees. Selected speakers will be notified via email by the end of November 2021.

ConneXion Zone Session Speaker Requirements and Expectations

To be a speaker at the 2022 MDRT Annual Meeting or 2022 MDRT Global Conference, I agree to the following:

·        The concept of the ConneXion Zone is for presenters to share one great takeaway with attendees and not attempt to cover an entire topic in the 20-minute time period.

·        My presentation will comply with all applicable industry regulations.

·        I will utilize Participant Centered Learning principles in my presentation.

·        I agree not to promote my company, products or services during the session, in presentation materials or in the session area.

·        I will permit MDRT to use printed versions of my presentation in MDRT publications and products.

·        I will permit MDRT to video and audio record my presentation, which may be sold to MDRT members and used by MDRT on its website, in the Resource Zone for access by MDRT members post meeting, and in other MDRT products.

·        I understand that no audio visual support materials (slides, videos, etc.) may be used in my presentation.

·        I understand I will receive no fee or honorarium for my presentation.

·        I will qualify for and become an MDRT member in 2022.

·        I will register for the 2022 MDRT Annual Meeting or 2022 MDRT Global Conference at my own expense and pay all my own travel expenses (airfare, hotel, meals and ground transportation).

Question Title

* 1. Name and contact information of the MEMBER SPEAKER

Question Title

* 2. Language (Session will be presented in one of the following languages):

Question Title

* 3. Which content track will your presentation cover? (Choose one track)

Question Title

* 4. Proposed Session Title (Maximum 10 words. For promotional purposes - subject to MDRT edit. If selected, the title you supply here is what will be edited for published promotion on the MDRT website and mobile app.)

Question Title

* 5. Provide a brief session description (2-4 sentences). Be as specific as possible. Include at least one transferable idea or takeaway. (For promotional purposes - subject to MDRT edit. If selected, this description will be edited for published promotion on the MDRT website and mobile app.)

Question Title

* 6. List one or two learning objectives for this session. What will members take away from this session and be able to implement into practice?

Question Title

* 7. Please describe your qualifications for presenting this session.

Question Title

* 8. Please provide a brief speaker profile biography to be featured on the MDRT event website to promote your session (minimum 2 sentences).

Question Title

* 9. Explain how you intend to engage attendees using Participant Centered Learning (PCL) during your presentation. (Example: provide time for discussion; self-reflection/journal notes)

Question Title

* 10. Occasionally, there are opportunities for speakers to deliver their presentation twice over the course of the meeting. If asked, would you be be willing to repeat your session? 

Question Title

* 11. The content of this presentation will appeal to:

Question Title

* 12. Do you plan to attend one or both of the following MDRT meetings:
(Please note: Your selection will determine which ConneXion Zone program(s) you will be considered for)

Question Title

* 13. If available, please provide a link to a video of a previous presentation you've made.