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The 2020-21 COVID-19 pandemic brought many challenges to Southwest Florida’s employers.  As we leave the pandemic behind us in 2022, new challenges have emerged.  Despite historic low unemployment rates in Florida and across the USA, many workers still have not returned to the workforce and employers are having problems finding and hiring qualified employees.  Inflation, including the costs to rent or own housing, has nearly wiped out any of  the gains in average hourly wages.  This 2022 Workforce Employer Survey attempts to better understand the recruiting, hiring, and training approaches and challenges your organization must overcome to find qualified employees after the COVID-19 pandemic.  The data gathered in the Survey will be reported in an aggregate (unidentifiable) format and the specific information about your organization will not be published.
Note:  the Survey uses the term “organization” in the broadest sense, for example not-for-profit groups, for-profit businesses (from small businesses to larger corporations), educational institutions, health systems, etc. – any organization that seeks to hire qualified employees.