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Category: Preserve the Homes We Have
  • $50m in NOAH Preservation: $50m in general funds or ARP funds to support the preservation of Naturally Occurring Affordable Housing (NOAH). Preserving the affordable housing we already have is drastically cheaper than building new and in this tight housing market, these properties are at severe risk of being lost.
  • $100m in General Obligation bonds for Public Housing$100m in GO Bonding for Publicly Owned Housing Program to preserve low income housing.
Category: Build more, especially for the lowest income households
  • $9M in state matching funds for Local Housing Trust Funds (LHTFs) to help local communities finance affordable housing priorities.
  • Deeper Affordability for HIBs - Minnesota’s greatest housing need is deeply affordable (30% AMI) housing to support our state’s lowest income earners. The proposal is to expand the use of Housing Infrastructure Bonds (HIB) to allow for the funding source to be used for projects targeting deeper affordability (up to 50% AMI but with a focus on 30%AMI and under) that may or may not have services attached to that deeper affordability level.
  • $400m in Housing Infrastructure Bonds to fund the construction of new affordable units across Minnesota.
  • $75m in Shelter Capital Dollars through bonding or ARP dollars for shelter capital projects across the state. Right now, only 7 of 87 counties have enough shelter beds to meet the need, this money will increase that number through statewide investment

Category: Housing Stability and Anti-Displacement
  • Bring It Home, Minnesota will provide rent subsidies for all eligible low-income Minnesotans, so they only pay 30% of their income toward rent.
  • Pre-eviction Notice: Pre-filing notice would be required 14 days before a formal eviction action can be brought in court to provide tenants an opportunity to fix the problem, negotiate an agreement with the landlord, or quit the lease and vacate the apartment unit making an eviction filing unnecessary. Pre-filing notice would include information on how tenants can seek legal help and apply for emergency financial assistance.
  • Expungement Reform: Eviction reporting would be prohibited until a court judgement is rendered in favor of the landlord. This gives tenants the opportunity to remedy the situation before it harms their record. The court would order an expungement if: 1) the tenant prevailed; 2) the case was dismissed; 3) the parties agreed to expungement or upon request of the tenant if the case was settled and tenant the fulfilled the terms; 4) the eviction was ordered three or more years ago.
  • Increase funding for the Bridges Housing Voucher and Landlord Risk Mitigation Funds. The Bridges Housing Voucher provides subsidized housing for people with serious mental illnesses who are on a Section 8 wait list. Landlord Risk Mitigation Funds reduce the perception of risk for landlords who are considering renting to someone with experience with the criminal justice system, a mental illness, or a housing voucher. Funds can cover costs such as property damage in excess of the security deposit or unpaid rent.
Category: Equitable Access and Fair Treatment
  • Source of Income Non-Discrimination - Amend Minnesota Human Rights Act to clarify that source of income discrimination encompasses all forms of housing assistance, including housing choice vouchers, Bridges, and other forms of housing assistance.
  • Lead Safe Home Bill - Potentially 1 in 3 MN Homes has lead paint. At least 700 children( primarily from diverse communities) are poisoned and at risk of brain damage from lead paint/ year This bill provides resources for testing and encapsulating the paint to reduce/prevent lead paint poisoning.
  • Changes to Senior Housing Eligible Projects - A proposal to modify the Housing Infrastructure Bond (HIB) senior eligibility criterion to allow up to 20% of the units in senior HIB projects to serve individuals with an intellectual or developmental disability of any age.
  • Accessibility in Housing Proposal - as part of the request for proposals (RFP) process for bonding dollars in Minnesota, all housing developments must include a meaningful percentage of accessible units (physically and sensory accessible).
Category: Wealth Building
  • Opportunity to Purchase - Manufactured Home Park Opportunity for Purchase requires providing 60-day notice of an intended sale to the resident homeowners of a manufactured home park in order to allow residents an opportunity to purchase the land.
  • Weatherization Expansion - Weatherization helps low-income households have more energy efficient homes and reduce their energy burden in the long-term, helping keep them safely and stably housed. The weatherization expansion will fund additional activities (called pre-weatherization services) such as asbestos abatement, lead remediation, and window and roof replacement that will prepare more houses for weatherization and ensure people live in safer, healthier homes.
Category: Support Agenda
Build more, especially for the lowest income households
- Support "upzoning" proposals that eliminate exclusionary zoning policies and create incentives and requirements for communities to include development for households at the lowest incomes
- Allow churches, synagogues, mosques and other places of worship to have sacred communities of tiny homes on their premises.
Equitable access and fair treatment
- The Shelter Resident Bill of Rights
- Statewide Heat Code and repairs
- Privacy, Non-Refundable Fees, Infirmity
Housing Stability and Anti Displacement
- Stabilize home pad rent in manufactured home park communities
- Transitional Housing Policy Changes and Funding
- Provide housing mediation services, to increase the availability of mediation services
- Invest in existing chosen family hosting, especially in BIPOC communities
Preserve the homes we have
- Provide a priority lien status for court appointed administrators
- 4d Tax Reduction for Affordable Housing properties
- Energy and water efficiency and conservation in multifamily buildings

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