The 2022 RTD Focus Group Customer Panel Application

The RTD Focus Group Customer Panel is a year-long online group consisting of 15 members that discusses RTD products, services, policies, and procedures. Through your participation in this Panel, you can help us shape the future of public transit and enable our agency to respond more effectively to customer needs.  

As part of the Panel, you will be asked to participate in four discussions over the course of 2022. Due to the current restrictions surrounding COVID-19, discussions will be held online using a discussion board. Each discussion will take place over the course of three days. The first two days of the discussion will feature questions while the third and final day will be available to anyone who missed a previous day or would like to provide additional feedback. The total time commitment to participate will vary based on how much feedback you provide, but we anticipate it will take about 30 minutes to answer questions each day (30 minutes x 2 days = about 60 minutes total). Because the discussion will take place online, you can participate each day during the morning, afternoon, evening or night – whichever is convenient for you. Additionally, you can stop and return to the discussion as your schedule allows.

In return for participation, Panel members receive a free Regional/Airport monthly pass each time they complete a discussion in its entirety. Best of all, Panel members who complete all four discussions in their entirety receive a free annual EcoPass for 2023. RTD's EcoPass is an unlimited, non-transferable bus and train pass valid for all fare levels (including Airport).

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