The World Beach Ultimate Championships is the most prestigious international beach ultimate event in the world. The United States continues to be a leader in both competitive excellence and in Spirit of the Game on the international stage. The strength of the U.S. teams and the quality of the National Team experience are a result of the aggregation of players, coaches, staff and supporters from across the country and across a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences. We are seeking the ideal coaching staff to help select, prepare, and lead the U.S. teams for the 2022 event.

The selection process for positions in the USA Ultimate national team program are highly competitive and highly selective. As an applicant please understand that not getting and interview or being selected in no ways diminishes your accomplishments. USA Ultimate's goal is to select from the best applicants for any specific open positions.

Qualifications to be an assistant coach for the Beach Women’s, Men’s, or Mixed National teams:
- Must have an active coach level USA Ultimate membership
- Must agree to the USA Ultimate National Team Coach Code of Conduct

In order to be considered, all applicants must be able to attend:
- Two tryout camps (projected November 2021)
- Training camp(s) (TBD)
- World Beach Ultimate Championships (projected Q2 2022)

Assistant coaches will be selected by the USA Ultimate Coaching Committee, USA Ultimate staff, and the Beach coaches.

All Beach assistant coaches will have a demonstrated commitment to strong character and sportsmanship and will be chosen based on the following criteria:
- Ability and willingness to work with USA Ultimate administration
- Beach experience preferred
- Experience with international competition preferred
- Passion for engaging and supporting people of diverse identities
- Experience engaging individuals of diverse backgrounds and identities in sports or other activities
- Must have demonstrated excellence in achievement (in terms of results, outcomes, consistency) in their coaching roles
- Must have demonstrated excellence as a coach in terms of team building
- Must have demonstrated the ability to work within the team concept when it is defined by someone else.

Beach National team coaches will NOT be able to participate as an athlete on any team at WBUC.

In addition to filling out this application, all applicants must send a resume, which includes non-ultimate related experience, to david.raflo@hq.usaultimate.org

The deadline for the application is April 25, 2021 5 pm mountain. All applications must be completed and submitted online through this survey and have a resume emailed to USA Ultimate in order to be considered.

To review the application questions prior to filling out the survey, you can view a PDF version of the application.


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