Planning for Philanthropy Southeast's 2022 Annual Meeting is underway! We want to make sure members are involved in this process from the start, which is why we're opening up our Call for Topics right as the conversations from the 2021 Annual Meeting are fresh in people's minds.

What topics should we explore in 2022? We want to hear your thoughts on this critical question and want you to submit topics that our Leadership and Session Design teams will build into full sessions.

Our organizing topic areas include:

  • Grantmaking Practice – These topics are designed to make you a better, more effective grantmaker (e.g., evaluation, collaboration, diligence, reporting).
  • Grantmaking Strategies and Priorities – These topics typically focus on community issues, initiatives or programming that reflect foundations’ giving priorities (e.g., education, health care).
  • Foundation Management – These topics focus on the nuts and bolts of operating a foundation (e.g., compliance, investments, governance, communications).
  • Ecosystems – These topics focus on broad issues facing foundations, philanthropy, or society generally (e.g., demographics, next generation issues, diversity/equity, nonprofit capacity).
Once we’ve heard your thoughts, the 2022 Session Design Committee, comprised of a diverse and representative group of Philanthropy Southeast members, will use your input to design sessions, recruit speakers, and organize the 2022 Annual Meeting program. We may not be able to incorporate every suggestion, but you can be sure we’ll take all of your ideas seriously.

Also keep in mind that once a topic is selected, the Session Design Team will lead the work of developing it into a session, and may take your idea in a surprising direction!

Our automated survey is designed to handle up to three suggestions. If you have more, send them to Quincy Kelly at

Please share your suggestions – just hit NEXT below to get started!