The Information Collected Here Serves Three Important Functions
  1. Assists us in communicating with you effectively.
  2. Provides Staff with the contact information needed for MACo's annual "Directory of County Elected Officials."
  3. Helps the MACo President make committee appointments based on your preferences.
The questionnaire adventure on which you're about to embark is a smooth and entertaining ride (and most importantly, it doesn't take very long), so let's get to it!
Essential Contact Information

Even if you've provided your contact information to us in the past, please resubmit it again in case anything has changed (or in case we have incorrect information). It also helps MACo Staff in the data compilation for the digital version of the directory.

Special Note: In the questions that follow, we truly appreciate folks not typing in all caps unless it's for acronyms, the first letter in a name, or beginning of a sentence, and of course FOR EMPHASIS--see what we did there :). It makes formatting the collected information go much more quickly (with much less eye twitching), so we thank you!

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* Name

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* Phone Number(s)
Please enter your phone number(s) in the following format: 406 - _ _ _ - _ _ _ _

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* Where can we send you emails? 
Note: This will be listed in our "Directory of County Elected Officials." 

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* Date You Took/Take Office (Month/Year)

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* Political Party

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* Are you willing to help with Legislative lobbying in Helena?

Help MACo's President Make Committee Appointments

MACo’s Policy Committees are essential to our Association’s operation, as they represent the interests of the members (you). They have the important duty of helping to set policy for the organization that helps guide MACo Staff. 

As stated previously, the information collected here helps the MACo President make these important appointments based on your preferences.

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* Do you currently serve on a MACo Committee?

Before we go any further...

If you indicated above that you'd like to remain a member of your current committee(s) or that you'd like to forego an appointment this year, please scroll to the bottom of this survey and click the submit button. 

If you don't serve on a MACo committee, would like to try a different committee, or have never completed a biography for us, please click the button below to proceed.
Choosing Your MACo Committee 

It's important to know a few things before choosing the committee(s) on which you'd like to serve.
First, MACo has ten policy committees and one organizational committee...

Primary Policy Committees
Convene at least twice a year (during MACo Conferences)
  1. Agriculture
  2. Community, Economic Development & Labor
  3. Energy
  4. Health & Human Services
  5. Justice & Public Safety
  6. Land Use, Planning & Development
  7. Public Lands
  8. Transportation
Also Policy Committees (but with some nuances)
  1. Resolutions & Legislative -- Historically convenes primarily on even-numbered years prior to a legislative session for the purposes of reviewing and assigning resolutions
  2. Tax Budget & Finance -- Main purpose is to review MACo's annual budget but also conducts some policy work (meets annually in the Spring to review MACo's budget--as per the bylaws--and if necessary, convenes on even-numbered years prior to a legislative session for the purposes of reviewing assigned resolutions)
Not a Policy Committee
  1. Conference Planning -- Assists in setting the agenda and other details for MACo's conferences
Final Pertinent Detail
Our primary policy committees convene in two separate time blocks at MACo Conferences, meaning a member could potentially serve on one committee in each block (two primary policy committees). PLUS that member could also be appointed to the Resolutions Committee or the Tax Committee or the Conference Planning Committee, all of which meet separately. So potentially, that's 5 committees for one member! 

Now that you're well-equipped with the necessary committee knowledge, we must ask...

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* How do you feel about serving on more than one committee? 
(It's not uncommon.)

Time to Choose Your Own Adventure!
(Does anyone remember those books?)

As stated previously, the primary policy committees are listed in two "blocks." The blocks indicate the committees that always convene at the same time at our conferences.

(One person can't serve on two committees in the same block, because with current technology, humans can't be in two places at the same time...maybe someday though!)

So let's do the darn thing already!
Additional Committees
Below you can express your interest (or disinterest) in our Resolutions & Legislative Committee as well as our Tax Budget & Finance Committee.

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* Are you interested in serving on the Resolutions & Legislative Committee?

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* Are you interested in serving on the Tax, Budget & Finance Committee?

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* Last Committee!
Are you interested in serving on our Conference Planning Committee?
(not policy-related)

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* Additional Biographical Information

Add any information or experience you think might be relevant, such previous public offices held (and associated dates/years), current/past occupations, education, community involvement, training, membership in organizations, boards on which you serve(d), etc.