GCSS is undergoing district accreditation.  Please complete the survey for each child's school.  Thank you!

Question Title

* 3. Please rate each of the statements.

  Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree
The school creates an environment that helps my child learn.
The school provides resources to help me support my child’s learning at home.
Teachers keep me informed about how my student performs on various assessments and assignments.
The school communicates information in ways that are easy to understand.
The school has a parent/family resource center and/or a parent liaison assigned to work with families.
The teachers and leaders at the school are available for conversations when it's convenient for families.
All families are given the opportunity to volunteer their time and talents, including in the classroom or at school events.
The school lets families know when rules, routines, and/or practices have been changed.
The school has active advisory committees (i.e. PTA/PTO, School Governance Council, Migrant PAC, Workforce Advisory Committees, etc.).