Demographics & Community Values Questions

Lake County is working to understand and maintain what community members value most, while the county grows and prospers.

This survey is designed to begin understanding your priorities and attitudes about the things that make Lake County special. We want to hear what community members value most so that partners can work together to build a future on that common ground. 

In addition, we know that 2020 was the most destructive wildfire season in state history, we would also like to hear your perspective on forest health and action to reduce the risk of severe wildfire.

Lake County visitor spending is up 48% from 2019 to 2015 (from $29.9M to $44.3M) or about 10% per year.  This increase in visitors is likely to impact recreation assets. Considering how fundamental recreation is to our quality of life, we want to understand your perspectives on recreation opportunities and issues.

Thank you for taking your time to help us plan for the future, because HOW we support the community matters. 

If you would like to answer this survey in Spanish - please click here.

All responses to the survey are anonymous and confidential and will be used for planning purposes by Lake County.

The survey will take approximately 16 minutes to complete.

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* 1. Do you own or rent your primary Lake County residence?

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* 2. How would you describe your primary Lake County residence?

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* 3. In a single word or a short phrase - what are three things you love the most about Lake County?

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* 4. In a single word or short phrase - what are the top three most pressing challenges for Lake County, when you consider coming growth in population and tourism?

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* 5. Lake County is a special place to live and to visit. Please rank the importance of these items to making it a special place.

  Extremely important Very important Somewhat important Not so important Not at all important
Strong job market
Natural resources (scenic beauty, clean waters, wildlife, healthy forests, etc.)
Outdoor recreation opportunities (e.g., trails, paddling, hunting, fishing)
Indoor recreation opportunities (e.g. aquatic center and programming)
Quality of health care
Quality of schools
Rural character and open space
Friendly small-town culture
Low crime rate
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