2020/2021 Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP)

Meaningful engagement of parents, students and staff is critical to the district’s budgeting process and the development of the LCAP (Local Control and Accountability Plan). Local stakeholders must be involved in this planning process, and your assistance is needed to help evaluate the district’s progress within the state’s priorities. The process of developing and annually updating the LCAP supports strategic planning that connects budget decisions to teaching and learning outcomes. Hard choices must be made about the use of limited resources to meet student needs and to ensure opportunities and positive outcomes are improved for ALL students. You, as a stakeholder, possess a valuable perspective and insight that will assist the district in identifying potential goals and actions to be included in the LCAP. Your responses will be tallied with others to create a priority list of expenditures that will be shared with various district stakeholder groups for the development of the district LCAP. This data will also be sent to individual school sites for their use in creating the Single Plan for Student Achievement. The results of this survey will also be available on our district’s website. Thank you for taking ten minutes to complete this survey.

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* 1. What role do you fill in the school community?

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