The objective of this survey is to capture lessons from e-KYC and digital ID policies and frameworks of AFI member institutions, to inform the development of a Policy Model on e-KYC.

Indicatively the survey will take 45 minutes to complete. We kindly ask you to answer all questions, adding details where feasible. Your participation is highly valued.

Should you have any queries, kindly contact

Please answer all the relevant questions. Reach out to different stakeholders best suited to respond.

Please share the hyperlinks of the relevant laws, policies, and guidelines (preferably English translations)

In case, your country does not have a National Identity System in place, please indicate this in the comment box below in this page and consider the most prominent functional identity (E.g. Tax ID, Driver’s License, Passport, etc.) and answer any relevant questions.

If the country is currently in the process of setting up an ID system, please highlight in question 1 and answer all related questions for this ID and provide a timeline and overview of the implementation plan.

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Question Title

* Please write in 2-3 lines the main identity used in the country:
  • Which is the prominent ID that is used? (e.g. National ID, Passport, etc.
  • Is it foundational or functional?
  • In what form it is used (e.g. Digital ID, paper based)
  • If eKYC is allowed using this ID or another.