Pandemic Employment Impacts - Niagara's Stories

The Niagara Workforce Planning Board (NWPB) is conducting this survey as part of our ongoing efforts to understand the employment and mental health impacts of COVID-19 on Niagara's residents. Specifically, we want to understand how COVID-19 may have created new barriers to employment. 

The survey will take five to ten minutes to complete. This survey does not collect any personally identifiable information. Aggregated data collected from this survey will be used in support of policy development, research papers, and infographics. 

The data produced from this survey will be stored on a secured server, accessible only to NWPB staff. Raw data will be shared with research partners in the Regional Municipality of Niagara, who, in turn, will ensure their reporting protects the privacy of respondents.

If you have any questions or need assistance with this survey please contact:

Adam Durrant, Project Manager, Niagara Workforce Planning Board