Why was this program developed?

Digital transformation of customer experience is a major strategic initiative for B2C and B2B organizations across industries. The CCs are the “People’s Choice Awards” of the Customer Service industry, rewarding excellence and outstanding achievement across a broad range of categories. Based on our research at Frost & Sullivan, we have identified five key areas that businesses are looking at to drive differentiated customer experiences in 2020 and beyond.

These are:

1.    "The Mary Poppins" Award – Self Service Channels

2.    "The Selfie" Award – Social Media Customer Support

3.    "The Matrix" Award – Customer Engagement Analytics

4.    "The Rosie" Award – Artificial Intelligence (AI)

5.    "The Henry Ford" Award – Robotic Process Automation

Best-in-class brands continue to raise the bar for highly personalized and effortless customer experiences in these areas. These experiences help cement long-term customer relationships and build greater brand loyalty and advocacy. As a result, these companies are able to attract, retain, and grow more customers than their competitors, while keeping service costs lower.

Frost & Sullivan created the CC Awards for two simple reasons. First, we want to recognize those companies who are setting the bar high and putting industry best-practices in place during a time of collapse, disruption and digital transformation. Second, we want to take time out to leading companies, their employees and most importantly, their customers. Feel free to read over our FAQs, for additional information.