The Rumney Planning Board is exploring how we, as a community, can guide our future while maintaining our rural character.

Factors that may increase development in Rumney include growth occurring in the area, increasing interest in outdoor recreation, and safe, healthy rural living. As our community grows and changes, welcoming progress while maintaining the things we appreciate about Rumney will be vital for residents and future generations.

A zoning ordinance is the main tool for ensuring development is compatible with the neighborhood. Rumney is one of just six towns in the state with no zoning ordinance of any kind. This leaves town officials with few options to address resident concerns about development and how it will affect their property.

If the survey results show there is support for zoning, the Planning Board will use the responses along with additional input from Rumney residents and businesses as a guide for crafting an ordinance for voters to consider at a future town meeting.

The survey should take less than 10 minutes to complete. Every member of the household is welcome to complete their own survey.

Thank you in advance for your help!

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* 1. What is your relationship with the town of Rumney? (Please check ALL that apply)

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* 2. During the process of writing the Rumney Master Plan, the two issues the community identified as the most important for the town to address were #1 the tax burden and #2 protection of water resources. Are there other goals that should also guide Rumney's consideration of a zoning ordinance? If so, please list them in the space provided below.

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* 3. When you think about what types of development are appropriate for various locations in Rumney, or next door to you, what factors are important? (Please check ALL that apply.)

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* 4. In the table below, for each type of development, please check off EVERY area of town where you feel it would be appropriate.

  Village Areas Route 25 Corridor Rural Areas Stinson Lake
A. Single family homes and home businesses
B. Apartments, condominiums, senior housing
C. Mobile home park
D. Community buildings such as schools, churches
E. Tourist businesses such as lodging, recreation
F. Small neighborhood-type businesses such as stores, services, cafes, offices
G. Larger businesses such as "big box" stores, drive-through restaurants, wholesale, automobile sales
H. Gas/convenience stores
I. Industrial uses such as manufacturing, gravel pits, lumber mills

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* 5. Should smaller lots and more concentrated development be allowed in and around village areas?

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* 6. A range of options is available for Rumney to manage the impacts of development on our natural resources, from education of landowners to regulating where development can occur. For each row below, please check off the "strongest" approach you support (ONE choice per row).

  Education of landowners Allow development but put conditions on it to protect Rumney's natural resources Regulate where development can occur
A. Potential public water supplies
B. Wetlands 
C. Steep slopes
D. Floodplains
E. Shorelines

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* 7. Do you have reservations about Rumney adopting a zoning ordinance? If so, what are your biggest concerns?

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* 8. Other comments:

Thank you!

The survey results will be posted on the town website - Look there for notices about future opportunities to participate in this important community project as well.

If you are interested in providing more input to the Planning Board, for example, weighing in on particular aspects of a possible zoning ordinance, or talking more about any concerns you may have, please send your contact information to or call (603) 786-9515.

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