As part of the first phase of the strategic planning process, this survey is designed to gather your input about the strengths, areas of improvement and ideas for the future of teaching and learning at McMaster University. Please note that all comments provided are confidential and anonymous - your name will not be associated with any comments. Additionally, all comments will be presented as written (they will not be edited) and shared with Senior Leadership for strategic planning purposes at the University.

Please provide your responses by no later than March 6, 2020.

Thank you for your participation.

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* 1. Describe up to three (3) strengths that are important to preserve into the future for teaching and learning at McMaster University based on your learning experiences.

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* 2. Describe up to three (3) areas you would like to see improved based on your learning experiences at McMaster University.

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* 3. Imagine it is 2030, what has McMaster done to transform education and the student learning experience?

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* 4. Identify up to three (3) words that describe the future state of teaching and learning at McMaster University (i.e.: exploratory, agile, responsive).

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