What is a Best Practice?

A process, strategy, or innovative use of resources that has resulted in exceptional and measurable improvement in the operation or performance of manufacturers served by your MEP Center.

This Best Practice will have demonstrated success by creating client cost savings, job creation, investment in modernization, increased sales, innovation, etc.

A Best Practice can be documented and presented to allow other MEP Centers to potentially adapt this practice/service and garner success in their own environment.

The Evaluation Process:
Members of the CBPC content committee will evaluate all proposed presentations based on the following criteria: overall quality, relevance to the Centers, practical applications of material, and timeliness of the topic. You will be notified only if your program is selected. The application submission deadline is March 31, 2020 COB.

Presentation Guidelines:
Presentations should be 60 minutes in length of time, including a brief session for question and answer. The presentation application must be completed fully prior to the conference. Following the conference, the applications will be logged into a community-based learning management system and will be accessible to members for future use.

Presenter Discounts:
All presenters are required to register for the 2020 Center Best Practice Conference. 
All Centers that submit a presentation will receive a 10% discount on registration (up to two registrations per Center). All Centers that submit a presentation and are selected to present, will receive a 25% discount on registration (up to two registrations per Center). Presenters may not promote or sell any third party products or services for profit.

Post Center Best Practice Conference:
If the application is approved and presented at the Center Best Practice Conference, this application will be uploaded to MEP University (the Foundation's forthcoming community and learning-based online platform). This application will be saved in a searchable, online library for future use from Centers and staff.