About the ORPA Outstanding Asset Management Award

ORPA’s Outstanding Asset Management Award recognizes an agency or team for its exceptional management, maintenance/enhancement, and programming of an existing park, trail, natural area, recreation, and/or aquatic facility over time. Recipients demonstrate the vision and leadership necessary to protect and enhance public assets and resources while providing public recreation opportunities. Exceptional management may be demonstrated through quality maintenance and operations, efforts to retain and enhance the resource over time, creative problem-solving in the areas of budget, staffing, physical and/or environmental constraints to ensure the continued operation and availability of the asset(s) and/or introduction of new programs or activities that ensure continued use and optimization of the asset. Nominees must be members of ORPA.

Nominations are due Wednesday, September 2, 2020, by 5:00 PM.

To nominate an individual or agency for the Outstanding Asset Management Award, please answer the following questions and provide any required information as instructed. Contact the Awards Committee at director@orpa.org with any questions about the nomination process.

ORPA Awards will be presented at the 2020 ORPA Conference Awards Luncheon in Sunriver, Oregon on November 10th. Winners are strongly encouraged to be present to receive their award. If your nominee is selected to receive the award, you will be expected to provide a two- to three-minute video that highlights the winner's contributions. If production of a video is not possible, a 2-3 minute slide presentation with accompanying script may suffice. Videos are not required as part of the nomination process. The video or slide presentation for the winning recipient will be due on Friday, October 30, 2020. 

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