The African Centre for Gene Technologies (ACGT) has organized a three-day Advanced Metabolomics Workshop to provide a platform to address key issues and challenges in the field of metabolomics. The workshop is designed to include a mixture of lectures, interactive round table discussions and computer-based practical sessions.

The workshops will be facilitated by a team of renowned Metabolomics experts, both local and international. These are the facilitators: 
Dr. Reza Salek, International Agency for Research on Cancer, Lyon, France
Dr. Karl Burgess, University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Dr. Fabien Jourdan, INRA Toulouse, France
Dr. Justine Bertrand-Michel, INSERM Toulouse, France
Dr. Fidele Tugizmana, University of Johannesburg, RSA
Dr Aurellia Williams, North-West University, Potchefstroom, RSA


This workshop is intended for scientist already working in the Metabolomics space. The workshop will touch on:
·       Metabolomics vs other Omics
·       Workflows
·       Data Mapping
·       Data Analysis
·       Statistics
·       Metabolite Identification
·       Standards
·       Metabolomics resources
·       Lipidomics


You will need to prove that you have a fair amount of experience and/or data in Metabolomics or you have previously attended one of the ACGT’s Introductory Metabolomics Workshops.


Fill out the form below to be considered to attend this workshop. You are advised to start putting together a description your work and reasons why you should be given the opportunity to attend this workshop before start filling out the form. Please be advised that there is limited space so incomplete applications will not be considered and it is advantageous to provide detailed information for your application to be successful.