Nominate yourself for the 2020 Scylla User Awards. Just for nominating yourself, you’ll get something for yourself and something to help others. For your valid nomination you’ll receive a limited-edition Scylla Sea Monster hoodie! Plus you can select a charity to which you’d like us to donate $10 (via CharityChoice).

Winners will be announced at our Scylla Summit (Jan 12 - 14, 2021).

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There are 10 categories below. You can nominate yourself in as many categories as you like. Please include as much detail as possible in your description (minimum 100 words).

Entries are due by Friday, December 4th. Good luck!

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* 1. Most Innovative Use of Scylla

Got a use case that pushes the bounds of what's possible? What ground-breaking Big Data driven app did you create? What sets it apart from the others? Tell us everything you can about your system and how you're using Scylla. (minimum 100 words)

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* 2. Greatest Node Reduction with Scylla

Did you significantly reduce the number of database nodes you need when you migrated to Scylla? Details please! Tell us the numbers, what you migrated from and all about your migration. (minimum 100 words)

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* 3. Best Scylla Cloud Use Case

Tell us how you’re using Scylla Cloud. Why did you choose our DBaaS and how has your experience been? What benefits did your team get back by going with a managed NoSQL solution? Most interesting use case will win in this category. (minimum 100 words)

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* 4. Best Real-Time Use Case

Are you pushing the envelope of real-time? How low are your latencies? Do you have stringent SLAs you have to meet? What's your rate of ingestion and throughput? How big of a firehose are you streaming data from? Tell us all about your real-time use case to nominate yourself in this category. (minimum 100 words)

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* 5. Best Example of Overcoming NoSQL Limits

If you migrated to Scylla from another NoSQL database, there was certainly a reason to do so. What limitations were holding you back with your previous NoSQL database? Node size? Throughput? Latency issues? Expense? Tell us all about how you got past those limits by moving to Scylla. (minimum 100 words)

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* 6. Best Use of Scylla’s DynamoDB-compatible API

Our Alternator project makes Scylla a drop-in replacement for DynamoDB. Tell us how you used Scylla with our DynamoDB API to either replace or extend your use of Amazon DynamoDB. How was the migration? What benefits did you get from it? (minimum 100 words)

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* 7. Best Use of Scylla with Kubernetes

Using Scylla and Kubernetes? Are you using the Scylla Kubernetes Operator or did you implement your own? How has utilizing Kubernetes impacted your DevOps? Tell us all about it, including as many details as you can. (minimum 100 words)

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* 8. Best Use of Scylla with a Graph Database

Scylla is an excellent back-end to a graph database such as JanusGraph. Do you dream vividly about Gremlin and TinkerPop? Do you chew GraphQL for breakfast? Tell us about your use of Scylla and a graph database. How big is your graph in terms of edges, vertices, and raw terabytes. Give us the numbers, the results and why you chose Scylla in the first place. (minimum 100 words)

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* 9. Scylla Community Member of the Year

How did you contribute to the Scylla project or help the Scylla community? Tell us how active you are on our Slack channel, how many bugs you opened on GitHub, the meetups you've hosted, the blogs you've written, the open source code you've committed, or whatever else you believe helped foster our community to enter for this category. (minimum 100 words)

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* 10. Scylla Humanitarian Award

Is your company making the world a better place? Whether your company is for-profit or non-profit, tell us how you're helping the common good with your Scylla-backed systems.

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* 11. Tell Us About Yourself

By submitting this nomination, you are agreeing to allow ScyllaDB to recognize you publicly for your accomplishments. This will include announcing you at Scylla Summit 2021, inclusion in a press release announcing the winners of the 2020 Scylla User Awards and mention of your award-winning work on