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Description of Officer or Director

The Board of Directors of the Realtors® Association of Citrus County, Inc. is responsible for making policy decisions that govern the Association within the Bylaws and Policies.  Among other duties, the Directors have the responsibility to approve the Association’s annual budget, establish membership dues, determine local policy positions as they pertain to the real estate industry approve governing policies of the Association, authorize the Association’s entry into contractual agreements, enact necessary amendments to the Bylaws, attend Directors Meetings and support and attend general membership and education programs.

Since the Association is incorporated in the State of Florida, the responsibilities and actions of the Directors fall under the broad scope of corporate law.  Corporations, by necessity, must act and take corporate initiatives through individuals in responsible roles such as Directors.  As the representatives of the corporation, Directors have the authority to authorize the ordinary business of a corporation within the scope of its corporate charter.

Good Faith Effort Required

Directors of the corporation have a fiduciary relationship toward the corporation and are required to use the utmost good faith in the exercise of their power in the interests of the corporation.  A Director must perform his/her duties as a Director in a manner he/she reasonably believes to be in the best interest  of the corporation with such care as an ordinary prudent person in a like position would use under similar circumstances.

If a Director of this corporation performs his/her duties in compliance with corporate law, then no liability by reason of being or having been a Director of the corporation will attach to the individual.  If an Officer or Director has breached his/her fiduciary duty, then civil liability could be imposed on the individual Officer or Director.  Therefore, an individual Director must make a decision on the information provided and in the best interests of the corporation rather than on how other bodies or individuals have directed them to vote.

Represent Association interests, not local

Under Florida Law, once an individual assumes the position of a Director, he/she is not representative of the people that elected them, but rather a representative of the parent corporation, and due to this are required to act in the best interest of the corporation.  As a member of the Board of Directors, you represent all Association members not just those in your real estate company. A Director cannot be dictated to or by anyone how to vote.  Directors are not proxies for the electing group.  If they abrogate their right to vote and just follow the wishes of others, they would be in breach of their duty.

Confidentiality Required and Conflict of Interest Disclosure

Corporation law regarding Directors of corporations indicates several additional responsibilities. Directors must maintain confidentiality of facts and plans of the corporation that could affect its competitive position. Directors must not profit to the detriment of the Association, they must, fully disclose any conflicts of interest, and should not even participate in a debate when they have a financial interest.

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