About the 2019 Summer Graduate School Preparation Course

The AAP Summer Graduate School Preparation Course (Grad Prep) is a FREE class (no units) open to AAP students and alumni who are interested in applying to graduate or professional school in the upcoming academic year. This course seeks to promote AAP students' access to advanced degrees in all fields. The course consists of a series of workshops that focus on topics such as selecting graduate and professional programs; degree options; statement of purpose vs. personal statement; funding graduate study; and how to get strong letters of recommendation.

The purpose of the Grad Prep Course is to:
• Demystify the graduate school/professional school application process while encouraging students to apply to programs that fit their interests;
• Prepare and empower students for the graduate/professional school search and application process.
• Help students identify graduate programs that will give them the tools to make a positive impact in their community; and
• Take a critical look at students' personal experiences in order to narrow down choices for suitable graduate/professional school program options.
• Develop graduate school application materials including statements, CV, etc.

Grad Prep Course Schedule:
The course will meets for two hours weekly for six weeks during both UCLA Summer Session A or Session C.
• Session A (June 24 - August 2): Wednesdays, 3pm-5pm
• Session C (August 5 - September 13): Wednesdays, 1pm-3pm

Eligibility criteria:
• Be a current AAP upper-division student or AAP alumnus
• Plan on applying for graduate/professional school in the next two years

Course Expectations:
• Attend all six sessions during either Summer Session A (June 24 - August 2) or Summer Session C (August 5 – September 13) NOTE:  FREE, NO CREDITS OR UNITS. You do not need to be enrolled in Summer Sessions in order to participate in Grad Prep.
• Complete all course readings, assignments, and activities
• Actively engage in the course and collaborate with other students
• Meet weekly with a graduate mentor for one-on-one guidance and feedback

Please complete this application by FRIDAY, MAY 10, 2019 at 11:00 AM.

**IMPORTANT: Please note that this application cannot be saved and must be completed in one sitting. Please prepare your responses to the essay questions in a Word document prior to starting the application and copy and paste in your responses.***

Please be prepared to submit short essay responses to the following questions. There is 2,000 character count maximum per question.
(1) Why would you like to participate in the Summer Graduate School Preparation Course?
(2) What do you hope to gain from participating in the Summer Graduate School Preparation Course?
(3) Please tell us what field and degree you intend to pursue for graduate/professional school. Why have you selected this field? What are your career goals? How will a graduate degree assist you in achieving these goals?
(4) What have you done thus far to prepare for applying to graduate or professional programs? (e.g. gaining research or practical experience, narrowing your research interests, finding potential faculty mentors, meeting with an AAP Graduate Mentor, entrance exam preparation or completion, etc.)

• Background information
• Graduate or professional school plans

If you have any questions about the 2019 Summer Graduate School Preparation Course, please contact Jendi (jsamai@college.ucla.edu)  or Yuliana (ygarcia@college.ucla.edu). You can also visit our office at 1202 Campbell Hall to meet with a general mentor.