Apply to Present Your Business Plan at a Nutrition Capital Network Investor Meeting

Nutrition Capital Network (NCN) Investor Meetings are designed to connect nutrition and health & wellness businesses seeking capital with sources of funding. To be considered to present your business plan at an upcoming NCN Investor Meeting, please complete this free application form.

About the Process
The Nutrition Capital Network Selection Committee screens applications and will contact you directly whether or not your application has been successful. Successful applicants qualify to register as a Presenting Company.

The NCN application process is free. However, if your application is successful and you agree to present at an NCN Investor Meeting, the registration fee is:
NCN NYC: $1,995
NCN Europe: $1,500
NCN Canada: $750
NCN SSW: $1,500
NCN San Francisco: $1,995
(All prices listed in USD)
This includes two registrants and coaching and mentoring by NCN Principals, who will help you to prepare your business plan and a slide presentation for the Investor Meeting, as well as advise you on possible investor matches.

Information Sharing
All information submitted to Nutrition Capital Network by applicants and Presenting Companies is shared with NCN Cornerstone Investors and Sponsors and may be shared with other funding sources. By submitting this application you are authorizing Nutrition Capital Network to share this information. Therefore NCN cautions companies to withhold sensitive, proprietary or confidential information that they do not wish to be disclosed.

Applications are accepted year-round.

For help contact Mike Dovbish at; (415) 254-1116

Question Title

* 1. For which Nutrition Capital Network Investor Meeting do you wish to apply? (Sample instructions at end of application)