Thank you for participating in the nomination process for the 2019 Women in Housing Leadership Awards—The Keystones. These awards will be presented during the 16th annual Five Star Conference and Expo. You may nominate a colleague or business associate for up to two of the following awards:

The Rising Business Leader Award: Recognizing individuals who, while still early in their careers, have demonstrated an outstanding capability to lead and drive progress (fewer than 10 years' consecutive industry experience).

The Cultural Leader Award: Honoring industry leaders who have successfully fostered forward-thinking company cultures and workplaces (minimum 10 years' consecutive industry experience).

The Community Leadership Award: Acknowledging individuals who displayed tremendous leadership and cooperation in local communities (minimum 10 years' consecutive industry experience).

The Diversity & Inclusion Award: Celebrating those who have successfully broken barriers and helped lead the charge in developing a diverse workplace culture (minimum 10 years' consecutive industry experience).

The Laurie A. Maggiano Legacy Award: Recognizing women whose accomplishments have left an indelible impact on the industry and positively influenced homeownership nationwide (minimum 20 years' consecutive industry experience).

  • Individuals can be nominated in a maximum of two categories.
  • All required fields must be completed in order submit your nomination.
  • Nominations must be submitted by a colleague or business associate. Self-nominations are not accepted.
  • Only one nomination per individual will be taken into account during the selection process. Multiple nominations will not increase a nominee’s chance of being selected.
  • Nominees must be currently employed by an organization that directly serves the housing and/or mortgage industry.
  • Nominees must meet the minimum experience requirement specific to the selected award(s). Years of industry service must be consecutive.
  • Nominees must be present at the Women in Housing Awards Leadership Awards Banquet in order to receive an award.
Submissions will be accepted up through June 3, 2019.

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To complete your nomination, please select “SUBMIT.” Once completed, a member of our marketing team will reach out to you within two business days of your submission to confirm that your form has been received. If you do not receive a confirmation email within two business days of your submission, please contact us at 214.525.6700 or