Policy Solutions

NDSBA Members,

The need for legally compliant and executable school policies is ever increasing. Each year, litigation and legislation impose pressure on school boards to update and develop policies on a broad range of topics. Keeping pace with these changes can be overwhelming. Failure to stay current may have unintended legal consequences.

A subscription to Policy Services is one way to ease these district challenges. A Basic Policy Services Membership provides districts with access to Policy Ponderings, an online newsletter featuring the latest policy updates, educational videos and other policy resources. Members also receive up to ten sample policies and two policy template reviews upon request each year, along with policy consultation services from our knowledgeable staff. This annual membership costs $250 and goes from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020. Membership is required to participate in all other fee-based services offered by Policy Services. 

NDSBA’s Policy Services also offers Template Manuals and other fee-based services below to help take the guess work out of determining the essential components of a school policy manual and assist district's further in the policy process.

• Required or Total Template Policy Manuals

• Policy Review Service

• Policy Manual Web Hosting

• Employee or Student Handbooks

Whether looking for a way to stay informed on the latest policy issues or keep your policy manual up-to-date or more manageable, Policy Services offers a wide variety of solutions to help your district achieve its goals. To learn more about any of our policy services, contact the NDSBA office at 800-932-8971 or log on to http://policy.ndsba.org/ and select SERVICES at the top of the page.


Rebecca Duben
Director of Policy Services and NDSBMCP