Survey Purpose

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The Executive Committee of the Youth Network of the International Co-operative Alliance begana global campaign to map all initiatives to empower youth through cooperatives.

There are two surveys. One is dedicated to youth coops, so please share it massively among your members by sharing this link:

This survey is more focused on initiatives by support organisations for youth and/or the cooperative movement to include, train and generally empower youth. It can be for example non-youth coops or federations which have specific programs run for and by youth/young cooperators, a youth coop leader training program to include young cooperators in a big coop or federation in governance, or general actions to promote coops amongst youth.

Why identify youth cooperatives now? Because the the Youth Network of the ICA is organizing a large campaign to identify, map and connect youth cooperatives around the world. The starting point is this survey and the campaign will continue until July 2019. In July 2019 an event for youth will be held. Those who complete the survey may be selected to come for free.

This is not an anonymous survey. The responses will be used to populate a foundational database of youth co-operatives and cooperative initiatives for youth globally that we hope to build on. We also would like to ask you some questions about what you think is needed to further proliferate the involvement of youth in co-operatives. It will take 15 to 20 minutes of your precious time and your participation will be highly appreciated.

This survey can be stopped and started. You will not lose your information if you need to stop and pick it back up later. It should take about 20 minutes to complete. We really appreciate in advance the time you take to fill out the survey.

The survey should be completed by one representative from your organisation, preferably the individual in charge of youth programs.