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Thank you for your interest in helping to plan the 2018 DataHaven Community Wellbeing Survey. Your answers here will be used for internal documents only. Please contact DataHaven with any questions.

* 1. What is your contact information?

* 2. With help from many of you in 2015, the DataHaven Community Wellbeing Survey completed live, in-depth landline and cell phone interviews with 16,219 randomly-selected adults in Connecticut, plus 601 adults in adjacent areas of New York State, in English and Spanish.  In 2015, the program was funded by 50 organizations throughout Connecticut. We anticipate that nearly all of these funders will be supporting the survey as it is repeated again in 2018.

The survey has a unique ability to capture conditions at a town and neighborhood level and among smaller population groups, creating large amounts of information not available from any other public data source. Repeating this high-quality statewide survey in 2018 will allow us to analyze trends, as well as significantly increase the granularity of information through the combination of 2015-2018 datasets. Because of this, we anticipate the survey will again serve as a primary data source for most of the community health needs assessments published by Connecticut's hospitals and their partners, as well as to support the work of dozens of state and local agencies, health departments, academic researchers, community foundations, and community-based organizations.

To plan the survey, we are again engaging statewide Advisory and Funder councils that represent over 100 local and regional organizations across Connecticut. All community-based organizations, public agencies, and institutions are invited to join the Advisory council. The Advisory and Funder councils are structured in part by geographic area, so you may also be contacted about this program by an organization in your region. Additionally, a diverse team of social scientists and epidemiologists with expertise in survey research is again providing consulting support, while also serving on the Advisory and/or Funder councils in some cases. The final 2018 survey design will be determined by DataHaven based on a formal process to collect feedback and recommendations from the statewide Advisory and Funder councils, as well as field testing.

In what way(s) would you or your organization like to support the 2018 DataHaven Community Wellbeing Survey? Please read carefully and select all that apply.