Feasibility Study Survey - Please respond by March 23, 2018

* 1. Overall, how satisfied are you with Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Parish?

* 2. What do you feel are the greatest strengths of our Parish? Check all that apply

* 3. What areas of our Parish do you feel need improvement? Check all that apply

* 4. The proposed Evangelization will inspire parishioners to become more engaged in parish life.

* 5. Have you or your children/family members participated in Our Lady of Fatima Religious Education or Pastoral Ministries currently, or in the past several years? If so, please select all that are appropriate.

  Yes No
Religious Education
Sacramental Preparation
Baptism Preparation
Marriage Preparation
Youth Groups
Bible Study

* 6. Do you currently have grade school age children in your household?

* 7. If YES to Question #6 do they attend Our Lady of Fatima School?

* 8. If your grade school age children do not attend Our Lady of Fatima, what is reason?

* 9. What would make you reconsider and have your children attend Our Lady of Fatima School?

* 10. How do you rate the urgency of this building project for the parish?

* 11. How well do you feel the plan will be accepted among parishioners?

* 12. Name three of the best leaders in our parish to help with this campaign.  
(Leaders are those who motivate others to action, not necessarily the largest donors.)

* 13. To what level do you feel other parishioners will financially support the proposed project?

* 14. Who do you think might have the capacity to make a major financial gift?

* 15. If a capital campaign goes forward, would you accept a leadership position?

* 16. If a capital campaign goes forward, would you make a few calls on prospects?

* 17. If a capital campaign goes forward, would you make a gift or pledge?

* 18. If you answered “Yes” or “Would Consider” to the prior question, please estimate the range your gift or pledge might be for a total of 3 - 5 years.

* 19. Are you aware of any grants or foundations that might apply to our project? Please identify the name.

* 20. Are you or your spouse involved in any parish activities or ministries?

* 21. What is your gender?

* 22. How long have you been a member of Our Lady of Fatima Parish?

* 23. Which range best describes your age?

* 24. In general, this best describes my Mass attendance at Our Lady of Fatima.

* 25. Would you be interested in planned giving options to benefit the Church?

* 26. Optional:

* 27. Do you have any other suggestions or comments?