As the Captiva Community Panel begins work on updating the Captiva Code to implement the new Captiva Plan, we want to hear from the community on how it feels about issues that have been brought to the panel’s attention over the past few years. These issues will also be the focus of upcoming community meetings this season; a schedule of which is on the panel’s website at

What follows is a survey on a number of island issues that have been brought up over the past few years at panel meetings and workshops. These issues have been grouped under five broad topics:
  • Beach issues
  • Quality of adjacent waters and shoreline protection issues
  • Traffic, road and parking issues
  • Historic development pattern and ambiance issues
  • Native vegetation and invasive species issues
 We’d like you prioritize these issues, as well as to offer some comments on them if you wish. There will be space at the end of the survey for you to add any other comments you may wish to include. If you have questions about this survey, contact the panel at or call (239) 489-2616.

Your response is needed by March 30, 2018
 • Results will be discussed at the April 10, 2018, panel meeting •

The Captiva Community Panel provides a public forum where property owners and residents can discuss issues affecting land use, zoning and the community in general, to share opinions and reach consensus on ways to best protect and preserve the island. It serves as a county advisory committee on land use and zoning issues, and as a mechanism to express the wishes of island residents to county officials. You can find out more online at

Thanks for your participation, and for your efforts to preserve and protect Captiva.
More information is available online at