Brand Awareness

Thank you for agreeing to take this 8-10 minute audience survey. We look forward to hearing any thoughts you may have about our programs, our ongoing merger, and/or the broader racial justice landscape.

At the survey's end, you may choose to be entered into our raffle, where a limited amount of respondents will receive a $50 gift certificate, or racial justice themed books from our collections! Either way, your responses will remain completely confidential.

Thank you in advance for helping the new Race Forward prepare to more effectively advance the racial justice movement alongside all of you.

Yours in solidarity,
The new Race Forward team

* 1. Did you know that Race Forward and Center for Social Inclusion (CSI) merged to form “the new Race Forward”?

* 2. In the last six months, what are the primary ways you have engaged with the new Race Forward? (Check all that apply):